Fresh Wild COHO Poached Salmon

Wonderful fresh wild COHO salmon poached in dry wine and lemon juice.  Serve with rolls and your favorite vegetable.

Ingredients Serves 4

Poached Salmon2 lbs. Fresh COHO Salmon skinned
1 tbsp. Fresh dill minced
1 Shallot minced
1 ½ cups White wine
1 tbsp. Fresh basil minced
2 tbsp. Sun dried tomato pesto
½ clove Fresh garlic minced
1 Lemon
1 tbsp. Butter
2 tbsp. Olive oil
1 pint Heavy whipping cream
Salt & Pepper to taste

How to make Sauce:

With a sauté pan heat 2 parts olive oil, 1 part butter, then add shallots to caramelize them. Once caramelized add wine, garlic, and your fresh herbs, then reduce to 2/3rds. Once wine and herbs are reduced to a paste, add cream, sun-dried tomato, salt and pepper. Reduce by half. Stir occasionally.

How to poach the Salmon:
In a large pot bring about 4 cups of water, ½ cup of dry wine and the juice from one lemon to a boil. Turn down to a simmer and add your Salmon. This should poach for about 12-15 minutes. While your fish is poaching check your sauce. Your Salmon will turn light pink when it is done, and it should be 160 degrees. When you bring your fish out of the water be careful that it doesn’t break apart. If your Salmon does break apart, boil some angel hair pasta, add sauce and salmon and serve.

Allows roll with the dish.

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